The Will In These Skies

The will in these skies is the name of me as a solo musician. 
I started out as Devil In These Guys in 2005 with electro-aucoustic lo-fi bedroom productions. In 2009 i decided to focus on a more traditional singer-songwriter setting, closed my lap-top and picked up the acoustic guitar. As The will in these skies my music can be described as atmospheric indie folk.
As a musician my interest is mainly in melodies, harmonies and the materiality of sounds such as the voice. 
I search for monotonous but atmospheric patterns on my guitar so that i have as much space and ambience as possible for my voice to explore. 

Over the years I have shared many home-recordings. 
At the moment an EP of non-released songs is in production and I'm also in the middle of writing new fresh material that I hope will become my first studio-produced album. 



SAN plays psycedellic indierock but collects inspiration from musical traditions all over the world. 
SAN consists of me on song and synths, Henrik Öhberg (Tvärvägen) on drums and Petter Lindhagen (Tired Tape Machine) on guitar. 
We released our selftitled debut album in 2016. At the moment we are writing new material. 

West River Sessions

West River Sessions is an aucoustic session based 
co-creation project. Together with Adam Powers and Juan-Sebastian Cardona Cervantes I explore improvisation. 
Our sessions are founded on physical and emotional presence - using location as a starting point for creation and investigating it through musical impro.
When music can be endlessly produced and consumed, the sessions are putting value back to the moment, the present nerve of the one and only recording take.

If we don't make it on the third improvised take, the song is thrown away.  


Göteborgs Indiekör or "The Indie Choir" was founded by me in 2007 in Gothenburg. It grew quickly to a self-organizing network that continues to live it's own life without my involvement. This year  Indiekören celebrates it's 10th anniversary. Over the years it has spread from Gothenburg to Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping and Umeå as well.